Work innovation through document centralization

from telework to

flexible work

Work innovation through document centralization

from telework to

flexible work

We provide optmum telework environments

In an era of a 52-hour work week, ‘work efficiency’ is critical for businesses.
Flexible Work, Telework, Remote Work,
Accomplish ‘Work Innovation’ by reforming your working system!

From smooth collaboration to optimum data control and strict security.

More than 70 percent of users
have experienced 'improvement in work efficiency'

Document centralization without environment changes.

Haven’t you found it difficult to adapt yourself to new environments
whenever a new solution is introduced?

Take care of your work fast regardless of document type and
size under current operating environments.

'mcloudoc' supports numerous applications and diverse operating systems
without additional development costs or particular settings,
It also provides a standard drive for Windows Explorer, enabling
simple and convenience use regardless of separate environment changes.

Smooth collaboration and easy sharing through 'mcloudoc'.

A collaborative environment can be created
by providing shared/departmental folders.

Documents can be shared without actual delivery through a link.
It is not necessary to share documents individually
because the whole folder is shared at a time.

By providing a document search function.
users can search file name, contents and meta-properties.
This function facilitates document sharing and document utilization.

Document damage is prevented through AUTO Check-In/Check-Out,
and specific access authority is set.
besides shared history is controlled by log for collaboration and safe use.

Flawless Security System.

It centralizes and recognizes all data as assets by preventing them
from being stored in personal PC.
Basically, it prohibits documents from being leaked under the Release Policy.

It strictly monitors even hidden leakage channels
by controlling application hash value-based media
and provides a 4-stgae plan against ransomware infections.

'mcloudoc' offers a definite and safe security system.

For effective responses for business continuity.

even under natural disaster or system failure,
ensures business continuity by providing free backup services
by date for the past 7 days.

With incremental backup which maintains whole folder structure,
it utilizes backup spaces efficiently.

Remote Connection for Telework
‘mcloudoc’ enables operations through remote connection without a separate remote connection solution.
Safe Connection Even at Home with VPN Server
VPN server settings for small and mid-sized enterprises connections from Windows and mobile device
Easy access through Remote Desktop Connection
Router-based remote desktop connection for small and mid-sized enterprises
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Are you scared of virus?
Apply for remote sales meeting
‘mcloudoc’ provides remote sales meeting services.

Any time, Any Where, Any Device
Secure and efficient document centralization cloud service

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