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About NetID

“We will make conscientious software.”

Net-ID is an enterprise solution company specializing in centralized documentation solutions.

Functions that businesses need in a fast-changing internet and mobile environment

We try to find out exactly what a company needs and to think about the proper implementation method.

As a result, we are actively encouraged by customers and have the largest number of customers in the document centralization market.

Solutions We Provide

Document security and document management at once! Solve with a single solution!


First place in market share
Document centralization solution


Anywhere in a company with more than 5 employees
Document centralization cloud service

ClouDoc mini server

By date of last 7 days
Document backup all at once!

ClouDoc backup

Perfect prevention of ransomware
Differentiated data backup

Proven technology, overwhelming market share

  • Selected as hot item in the first half of the year

  • GS certified product

    Functionality, security, reliability,
    intercompatibility verified
    2014 < Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)>
  • Patent application

    Network separation method
    using network filter drive
  • Chinese S/W copyright registration

    Legitimate management and sale for foreign countries

Any time, Any Where, Any Device
Secure and efficient document centralization cloud service

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