Anywhere in a workplace with more than 5 employees,


Anytime, Any Where, Any Device

Anywhere in a workplace with more than 5 employees,


Anytime, Any Where, Any Device

Amazing main features

Manage all the data created in your company efficiently and systematically in your central drive, and use it safely anywhere, anytime!!

Systematic document management

  • Document management & document backup
  • Document version management support
  • Auto lock files in use
    (auto check in / check out)


  • Ransomware blocking
  • Local save prevention
  • Application management
  • Export procedure

Mobile support

  • Provide iOS, Android, Smartphone, Tablet UI
  • Provide security functions such as device registration, location tracking, remote deletion
  • View Personal/Team/Shared document drive
  • Provide camera and album linking

Smooth collaboration and management

  • Share folder / document link
  • Guest ID function
    (Collaboration with other departments and partners)
  • Web page based community function
  • Permission and capacity management by folder manager

DiskLock Plus

  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent printing
  • Provide print log information
  • Prevent clipboard copy

Backup service

  • Backup service for the last 7 days
  • Provides a more secure environment by providing additional paid backup service

Service we provide

From equipment, computer room, server management, to technical support, all at once!
let us take care of it all!!


Server /equipment


Computer room


Server management


Technical support

Watch 'mcloudoc'

Check out more details about mcloudoc.

System composition

Based on the service provided in connection with external cloud service,
document centralization service is also available in each country's cloud environment.


Any time, Any Where, Any Device
Secure and efficient document centralization cloud service

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