Everything in the document ,

Problems solved

With ClouDoc

Document management document protection, ransomware blocking at once!

Everything in the document ,

With ClouDoc

Problems solved

'ClouDoc', number 1 in document centralization solution market share Blocks information leakage through centralization of all data generated within the company.
In addition, it is possible to establish a clear security management system through an integrated management environment of all data such as business data/confidential documents.
It can satisfy not only strong security requirements but also smooth collaboration.
Document centralization solution This is it.

ClouDoc function fits our company

Other than the basic module, you can select the other modules as needed, so you can customize and use them efficiently.

Basic module

  • Document version management
  • Auto lock files in use (auto check in / check out)
  • Permission and capacity management by folder manager
  • Provide Windows/ Mobile/Web/Java Explorer
  • Share folder / document link
  • Guest ID function (Collaboration with other departments and partners)


  • Ransomware blocking
  • Local save prevention
  • Application category management
  • Export procedure
  • Direct device control

DiskLock Plus

  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent printing
  • Provide print log information
  • Print watermark
  • Prevent clipboard copy

Search engine

  • Direct content search in Windows Explorer
  • Search function for content in various file formats
  • Search function for meta information of documents
  • Indexing and searching contents of scanned documents

Network lock

  • Intranet mode, Internet mode
  • > Network mode - Internet blocking
    > Intranet, Internet mode - Intranet blocking
  • Data exchange between networks

PC backup

  • Instant/scheduled backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Check file integrity
  • Provide restore function

ClouDoc Supported environments

XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10

32bit / 64bit OS

Android / iOS

Korean, English,Japanese, Chinese


It’s possible only with CloudDoc!

An overwhelming and differentiated technology, proven document centralization solution

Support manufacturers

3D CAD drawing
direct saving in the central server

Fast speed

Without cache files, directly store in the central server
* 3 times faster than other companies!


Excellent security in central input and output
without copying documents to PC

Permanent license

Transfer the solution to another device
use it permanently

Active-Active configuration

Without a separate solution,
Active-Active service available


The only product that supports central input and output
for all applications

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Any time, Any Where, Any Device
Secure and efficient document centralization cloud service

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